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Though modern technology, social media apps, and video games have all seemingly become an integral part of the 21st century, Board Came Club is giving students the opportunity to unplug and focus on more traditional fun. Held every other Wednesday from 3:15-5:00 p.m. in B109, Board Game Club aims to give students an opportunity to connect through a shared passion for this less-publicized version of gaming.

“It’s a club where students can join together with other students that have similar interests in a relaxing environment,” founder and sponsor Jeffrey Tieman said. “Students are allowed to bring games they own or [use games that] are already at the club. It really allows students to connect with one another based on their gaming preferences.”

The club has a rich variety of games, and there is always something new to play. “We’re all over the place with games,” Tieman said. “For example, there’s Battleship, Yu-Gi-Oh, Uno, Magic, King of Tokyo, Sorry, and Blokus.”

There is not a favorite among the group, and the choice is up to the students which game they decide on. “It comes and goes in phases regarding favorites,” Tieman said. “It really depends on what the students want to play that meeting.”

“I’m a huge fan of board games,” club co-president senior Jeremy McGraw said. “I first started attending last year when my friends had told me that you can bring in different cards and your own board games. There are different groups of kids, and now we’ve started bringing in our own version of Dungeons & Dragons.”

“Everyone says it’s really fun to be there,” McGraw said. “They all like the people, and we tend to mess with each other a lot and we all have fun—it’s a great place to be.”



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