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Addition to Tradition

Providing a taste of Hispanic Christmas culture, the annual Posada Dance, will take place on Dec. 16 from 7-10 p.m. in the student cafeteria.

Hosted by the Hispanic Club, the dance is a way to remember and celebrate the posada tradition of Latin America. “In Latin America, it is a tradition for people to go around to houses and sing, like Christmas caroling, but at the final house, they hold a feast,” Hispanic Club sponsor Miguel Aguirre said. “This dance is about bringing that tradition to America. It’s about our culture being known and showing people how rich it is.”

Meant to be fun for the whole family, this community-focused event will have many things to do and enjoy at the dance. “Since it is a family event, there will be activities for all ages. It will be all about having fun and bonding with your family,” sophomore Hispanic Club leader Gemma Fierro said. According to Aguirre, there will be a pinata, games for kids, a live band, a DJ, food and Santa Claus may show up.

Hispanic Club is a way for people of Hispanic descent to foster and expand their knowledge of their culture’s history. “The club is important to me because it brings me back to my roots, and it’s a big part of my identity to know about my Hispanic heritage,” Fierro said.

The Posada Dance, however, is open to all who want to have a new experience or join in the fun, not just Hispanic families. “They will be able to learn and have a taste of Hispanic culture,” Fierro said.

It is also a way to keep special traditions alive.

“It’s important to remember where you came from and what values and traditions you inherited and to carry those on to the next generation,” Aguirre said. “The big thing for this event is raising money to give scholarships to graduating seniors that helped out with Hispanic Club.”

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