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West’s Got Talent

With an emphasis on reaching out to the quirky talents among West students, Maine West hosts its annual Variety Show, Nov. 3 at 4 p.m. and Nov. 4-5at 7 p.m. The directors aimed to feature more than just the traditional performing arts groups in this year’s show titled “Breaking the News”.

“The variety is off the hook. We’re so excited,” V-Show sponsor Lisa Jacob said. “We’re going to have dance acts, acapella groups, magicians, two fabulous bands, Orchesis, Frontline, Color Guard and even banjo music. It’s going to be a lot of fun!”

Junior Lynn Anama, a dancer for Orchesis, will be performing a modern contemporary dance with junior Ella Kurutz. “We’ve danced together since we were young, and we’ve never been given the opportunity to perform a duet together,” Anama said, “so we decided to choreograph one ourselves.”

While the directors wanted a diversified show, it was impossible to cast everyone. “The worst day was when we had to make cuts, but otherwise, the show would have to be three and a half hours long,” Jacob explained. “Our priority was to narrow down the field for variety and make sure it’s fun to watch.”

Senior Runal Patel, a returning Master of Ceremony, has the responsibility to keep the audience entertained and the show running smoothly. “The MCs are essentially the hosts of the show,” Patel said. “When there are long transitions, we’ll be doing skits and introducing the acts; we’re in charge of making sure the show keeps going and keeping the theme of a newsroom.”

Each year the show brings new surprises. “You’ll never know if the person sitting next to you in class has a hidden talent that they will be performing if you don’t come,” said Anama.



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