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Spectacular Sounds

Preparing for the Marching Band Spectacular this Tuesday, the Marching Warriors are currently making final touches to their indoor showcase, Interstellar. Earlier this fall, the band placed third overall in a competition on Sept. 24. The competition was split into two classes based on band size, A or AA, and 13 bands competed in total.

“We purposely do more than one competition to see where we can grow from one to the next,” Gerstmayr said. Planning for last Saturday’s contest, “we’re adding the final piece to our show and I think hopefully they’ll clean it and see how precise our kids can get the sound.”

This year, marching band has “a large, young freshman class that’s adding to our numbers,” Gerstmayr said, and their success shows “amazing upperclassman leadership. There’s a lot of good seniors and juniors that are leaders, and they show the freshmen how to work hard to be successful.” 

The Marching Band Spectacular is an indoor showcase where the band can showcase all of that hard work they’ve put in throughout the season.

Being in spec gym, “it’s not affected by the weather or the people from the football crowds,” band director Bernie Gerstmayr said. “It’s a nice way to hear what the band does without the elements getting in the way.”

The theme of this year’s show, Interstellar, is a special celebration of the space program.

“We’re using songs from the Interstellar movie, we’re going through all the Star Trek music and new Star Wars music, as well as David Bowie’s Space Oddity, which is a tribute to him since he passed away earlier this year,” Gerstmayr said.

Unlike the singular focus of past shows,“it’s a very interesting show because it’s always been just one specific franchise [that the performances are based off of. Since it’s about space, there’s quite a bit of material covered,” senior drum major Zachary Carnes said.

In addition to having a unique and well-rehearsed show to perform, team ambition was a big factor in determining their contest success this year. “In past years, the group wasn’t into the spirit of competition. This year, though, I feel that the band set their mind to it and stuck with it. They put their heart and soul into the competition,” senior Tyler Gramith, a drum major, said.

“We competed our freshman year and we didn’t place at all. This year, knowing that we placed, I think seniors have bigger expectations and more confidence for the band,” Gramith said



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