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Kicking up the Warrior Spirit

Being a true Warrior takes a special kind of “school spirit.” It goes beyond the outrageous outfits, blue and gold glitter and class rivalries. In the end, it’s about passion, not fashion. With homecoming week kicking off today, it is easy to lose ourselves in small details and forget the other ways we can make West great for everyone.

Rather than only focusing on who has the weirdest socks or shouts the loudest, we need to be helping our peers, teachers and staff. It is our duty as homecoming veterans—staff and students alike—to educate and guide our newest Warriors: the freshmen.

Whether it be loaning spirit wear to underclassmen, encouraging classmates you don’t normally hang out with to go to the game this week or bringing someone new to a club meeting, We best show our school pride when we open the circle and invite others to share the fun. No matter who is watching, the onus is on each of us to make this week great by getting as many people involved as possible.

These characteristics need to be in effect from the very beginning to the very end. It’s not enough to attend assemblies; upperclassmen should help usher in new students, classes should encourage one another to participate and everybody needs to clean up the confetti afterwards. Can you help decorate for the dance after school on Friday? Head over to spec gym where Senior Class Council would appreciate everyone’s help.

Homecoming is about connecting—the past, present and future of Maine West. The editorial board urges students to reach out to Maine West alumni, invite their own families and encourage underclassmen to be a part of the homecoming celebration. Make an effort to build relationships with unlikely faces, take a jump of courage and invite others to participate. Only with concentrated, focused and brave steps into the foray can we build something bigger than ourselves.

Above all else, we need to take to heart the Warrior Way and always act with open-mindedness, integrity, respect, responsibility, friendliness and sportsmanship. This is no simple creed or motto; this is a lifestyle.    



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