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After School Action

Crowding the LRC with energy and excitement, Maine West students gathered for Video Game Club’s first meeting on August 31. Boasting a turnout of 51 people, sponsors Geoffrey Greenberg and Nicole Coover-Thompson greeted students eager to connect through this popular pastime. 

Intending on hosting a variety of different events throughout the year, sponsors simply outlined the basics rules and guidelines during this first informational meeting. Yet, at only a single day in, students came more than prepared to get involved and jump right in. 

Noting this enthusiasm, Greenberg said, “It wasn’t just the 51 students that showed up for what they may or may not have known was just an informational meeting, but people busted out their consoles right away and wanted to play each other immediately.” 

With numbers and passion high, sponsors and students alike see it as a success. “At the first meet, I was really surprised and impressed with how large the gaming community was. It was like a team—a family that wants to have fun!” junior Danny Garcia said. 

Channeling this excitement are club presidents Carlos Rojas and Sam Vergil. Having played popular titles such as Super Smash Bros, Call of Duty and Mario Kart in the past, Carlos and Sam have always enjoyed gaming. Although, this fun was limited to outside of school and, as a result, it was often times difficult for gamers to connect. 

Recognizing this barrier, these two seniors brought their passion to West and made it a reality. “We saw that a bunch of people had a lot of things in common but no one was making connections, so we thought that this was a great way to do that,” Rojas said. 

Despite being early in the year, Video Game Club has already provided a niche for the Maine West’s large community of gamers. Junior Andy Orlowski holds the sentiment of many as he shares that “Video Game Club is probably the club that I can most connect to.” 

Yet, in addition to forming connections and friendship, Video Game Club will also “allow gamers to broaden their experience and the range of players that they play with,” said Virgil. This new experience can be useful to both avid and novice beginning players looking to sharpen their skills or to simply play new people. 

Still in a nascent state, there remains a lot to anticipate from Video Game Club. To allow for a diversity of interest and experience, game styles will have to vary to accommodate the preference of all the players. Rojas notes that “every two weeks we will have a tournament and every other week we will have a free play when you can come in and play whatever you want!” 

Meeting on Wednesdays in the LRC, there is a lot in store for Maine West gamers. Looking down the road, students and staff are eagerly anticipating what’s next. “I’m super excited!” Coover-Thompson said. Prepared and positive, Virgil said, “It’s going to be a big club, there will be a lot of people, it’s going to be popular and, most of all, it’s going to be a ton of fun!”



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