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Prosthetic Arms

Over the years, I wrote many snippets about my ongoing activities, but never got a chance to actually post them on a blog, especially because I was busy with a trip to Poland two summers ago and multiple classes last summer (more on that later!) I finally got the chance to create a blog this summer, so please enjoy!

This year, my sister and I have been working on building a prosthetic arm in our club 3-D Innovations, with the help of all of our wonderful club members.

One of our friends, a school state swimming champion, was born without a right arm, so we worked on trying to build him a prosthetic arm that he could use for daily chores and activities. It was hard work that took several printed drafts of arms, padding adjustment and strings that needed to be placed with just the right amount of tension to get the fingers to flex, but eventually it worked!!!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, our club was shut down by the district, due to “liability concerns”, although they really seemed to love the idea, concerning how much press they gave it this year and the next.

UPDATE 2: Our club has decided to move on to other projects so that we can continue operating.


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